best design

2018 Formula E

Best in Show   Team Shadow
Sinclair Hill Climb  Team Shadow 9.68 sec
Sculpture Garden Flats  Team Shift  19.31 sec
Ashtray Alley Drag  Team  Team Shadow  3.88 sec (New US Record)
Eckles Design Award  Team Arrowmax

Formula E Pro

Sinclair Hill climb Double Aughts   10.68 sec
Sculpture Garden Flats  Honda-E    18.50 sec (New Pro Record)
Ashtray Alley Drag Double Aughts   4.73sec

Awards from Industries

Honda “Design Synergy Award”  Team Arrowmax (Shantou University)
Lego “Speed Champions”Award”  TeamTrash Panda (ArtCenter College of Design)
Gensler “Innovation Award”  Team Raceme (ArtCenter College of Design)
Huami Amazefit “Move Beautifully”  $1000 Award Team Arrowmax (Shantou University)

HUAMI  $1000 Prizes

“Best in Show”   Team Shadow (Inner Mongolia University of Technology)
Eckles Design Award  Team Arrowmax (Shantou University)

De Liu & Xuan Yu (ArtCenter Alum) $500 Prizes

“Best in Show”   Team Shadow (Inner Mongolia University of Technology)
“Sinclair Hill Climb”  Team Shadow (Inner Mongolia University of Technology)
“Sculpture Garden Flats”  Team Shift (Product Design, ArtCenter College of Design)
“Ashtray Alley Drag”  Team Shadow  (Inner Mongolia University of Technology)
“Eckles Design Award” Team Arrowmax (Shantou University)

2018 TEAMS (from USA, CHINA)

2018, 20 teams competed from ArtCenter, Pasadena City College, Universities in China, and Honda. The students are also required to partner with a local charity for a collaborative project. The teams will compete for $5,000 in prizes, with half donated to their selected charities!

The Formula E (elastic) challenge 2018 sponsors: Y & L Fund,  HUAMI Corporation, Mattel, Hotwheel