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The Formula E (elastic) challenge aka. M3 Racer Project, aka “The Rubber  Racer” has been held annually during the month of August since 2006 in Art Center College of Design’s Graduate Industrial Design Department. 
The 14 Week long design project culminates with student teams competing in a variety of events with their uniquely designed remote controlled race vehicles propelled by energy stored in 16 feet of rubber band.The event takes place on the smooth paved sidewalks of the Art Center sculpture garden and includes a road course, a drag race, and a hill climb, In addition there are awards for a beauty contest, and for the team that wins the most other events: a best in show award. 
For 2011 the teams were additionally challenged to find a charitable local organization and to use their creativity to generate donations for the charity through their race activity.
In the process students learn about competition, working in teams, setting goals, making plans and then implementing them with various measures of success despite surprises and adversity.
Formula E China was created by the Beijing University of Technology and ArtCenter College of Design in 2013. Teams compete in China with the winners coming to race at Art Center College of Design. In 2016, Shantou University successfully held the 4th Formula E China event. In the past 6 years, over 30 universities and over 100 teams have been participant in Formula E event.

This year, 20 teams will compete from ArtCenter, Pasadena City College, Universities in China, and Honda. The students are also required to partner with a local charity for a collaborative project. The teams will compete for $5,000 in prizes, with half donated to their selected charities!

The Formula E (elastic) challenge 2018 sponsors: Y & L Fund,  HUAMI Corporation, Mattel, Hotwheel

2018 TEAMS (from USA, CHINA)